Rust protection

New and used vehicle protection prevents rust from starting. Kurt Ziebart invented our exclusive rust protection process over 50 years ago, and for the last five decades, nobody does it better. Our rust prevention process is revolutionary and continues to be the top choice among consumers to protect and preserve the value of their vehicle.


  • + Over the past 50 years, Ziebart has protected tens of millions of new and used vehicles around the world in some of the harshest environmental conditions known to exist
  • + The Ziebart process coats the metal to prevent salt and moisture from causing rust
  • + We use specially designed, patented tools to reach hidden areas of your vehicle that are susceptible to rust
  • + We have the latest corrosion technology and are continually refining our chemistry and application process
  • + Our underbody sealant coats structural metal and resists road abrasion
  • Our upper body sealant penetrates all upper body seams, joints, and areas most vulnerable to corrosion
  • Applied by trained, certified technicians
  • Annual renewal service allows you to bring your vehicle back to Ziebart to receive reapplication, where necessary, to protect the value for years to come
  • A national limited full repair warranty on rust protection*
  • Your vehicle already showing rust? No problem
    Ziebarts Rust Protection a special formula that attacks rust at the molecular level to stop the rust process from continuing. Nothing can reverse the signs of rust, but we can stop it in its tracks from doing more damage.