Ziebarts industry-leading paint protection film is a protective film that is applied to your vehicles most vulnerable painted areas to prevent debris from physically damaging your paint. Nearly invisible to the eye, Ziebart paint protection film provides tough, clear paint protection.


  • + Paint protection film can help protect against insect stains, scratches and nicks, small road debris, road salt, and sand
  • + The transparent film is nearly invisible and adheres to vehicle paint without affecting appearance or paint color
  • + The thickest film in the industry at 8 mils thick, not including the adhesive and top coat layers
  • + It can be applied to any part of your vehicle, including the hood, quarter panels, trunk, and step areas
  • + It also prevents scratches and scrapes caused by stepping into your vehicle or loading or unloading of cargo
  • + Strong, yet pliable enough to cover even the most curved surfaces, such as side mirrors or bumpers
  • + With our Z-Cutting System® the paint protection film is cut to your vehicles exact specifications to ensure the best coverage of the critical areas
  • + Can be removed safely at any time
  • + Applied by our trained, skilled technicians